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For over 20 years, DRI has been a leading dermatology research center in the U.S., specializing in paid clinical studies helping to find treatments for a variety of skin conditions. We also specialize in healthy skin research studies. Founded in Austin, we serve our community by expanding our research capabilities for dermatology and more, all while providing first-class customer service and care. We pride ourselves on being truly connected to our Central Texas community and celebrate being both a family-owned business and a female-founded business. In 2020, we partnered with Kirsch Dermatology to offer paid studies in Naples, Florida.

Meet Our Team

The doctors at DRI have a broad range of medical expertise including dermatology, neurology, internal medicine, and gynecology. Their combined decades of experience in both private practice and clinical research provide our participants with first-class care and peace of mind. You’ll feel right at home with our approachable and friendly study coordinators and staff, whether you are here for an office visit or an overnight stay.  View our currently enrolling studies!

Justin Withers

Justin Withers, President of DermResearch

Before Justin joined DRI in 2008, he worked as a designer, producer, and project lead in the video game and fantasy football industries. Justin worked for Acclaim Entertainment, Nintendo of America, and EA SPORTS. He has a BBA from Stephen F. Austin State University where he was a member of the Men’s Track and Field team and an MBA from Tulane University where he taught an undergraduate course in video game development. You can follow Justin on Twitter @jwwithers.

David A. Bushore, MD

David Bushore MD Principal Investigator, DermResearch

Principal Investigator
Born and raised in Knoxville, TN, Dr. Bushore attended the University of Tennessee for medical school and his dermatology residency. In 2003, he relocated to Austin and started Balcones Dermatology and Aesthetics. Dr. Bushore is board-certified and belongs to many professional organizations, including the American Board of Dermatology, Texas Dermatological Society, and Texas Medical Association. A fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, he also served as president of the Austin Dermatological Society from 2007-2008. Dr. Bushore balances his professional time between his premier practice and DRI.

Janet DuBois, MD

Janet DuBois, MD, Principal Investigator, DermResearch

Principal Investigator
Dr. Janet DuBois graduated from the University of Texas Medical School in San Antonio in 1987 after which she completed both her Internal Medicine Internship and Dermatology Residency at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She is past Chief of the Dermatology Division of the Seton Healthcare System, is board certified in dermatology, and currently balances her professional time between her private practice and DRI. Since 2000, Dr. DuBois has been the principal investigator on over 200 clinical trials.

Brandon Kirsch, MD, FAAD

Brandon Kirsch MD, FAAD, Principal Investigator - Naples, DermResearch

Principal Investigator, Naples
Dr. Kirsch is a board-certified dermatologist focusing on therapeutic drug development and medical innovation. After beginning his career as a lawyer, he completed medical school at Brown University, an internship at the Mayo Clinic, and dermatology residency at the University of North Carolina. In partnership with the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Kirsch filed to patent a topical treatment for melasma. He also received a grant from the Mayo Clinic to complete an investigator-initiated pilot study of this formulation. Previously Medical Director and Vice President of Clinical Development at Brickell Biotech, Inc., Dr. Kirsch oversaw development programs for Phase 3 randomized studies. Dr. Kirsch will manage DRI’s Naples clinic.

Are you a doctor who would like to partner with us for research? Email our president, Justin Withers.

We Specialize in Dermatology Research

Over the last two decades, DRI has conducted over 500 research studies focused on common skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis (eczema), athlete’s foot, rosacea, alopecia, actinic keratosis (sun spots), and many more. We also administer clinical studies on hair loss, allergies, and women’s health, as well as healthy skin studies for participants who do not have an underlying skin condition. Our studies range from just three office visits over a few weeks to a series of appointments over a month or more. While many of our studies are outpatient, some studies require overnight visits. DRI values our participants’ commitment to be part of our studies, therefore we compensate all participants for time and travel. View our currently enrolling studies.

Why Trust DRI?

We understand that enrolling in a clinical study requires some serious consideration. You want to ensure that you choose the most reputable, experienced, and people-centric team and facility. At DRI, our team of caring doctors has a combined 70+ years of experience as medical practitioners. Their clinical trial backgrounds are no less impressive, with each having over 20 years of research experience. Our participants trust us because their well-being is our top priority. Founded in Austin, we are a leader in dermatology research and our clinical trials are regulated by the FDA. Our highly trained and experienced staff are passionate about ensuring the safety of each and every participant and providing an enjoyable experience for them and their loved ones. DRI is proud to be one of the largest dermatology research sites in the United States.

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“I felt the team was flexible and accommodating regarding both COVID and schedule restrictions. I was well cared for. I was kept well informed about what to expect.”
– Actinic keratosis participant

“The staff at Derm Research are the best. All of them. Just want to give special recognition to the young lady giving the blood draws, she is fantastic. Would love to participate again.”
– Actinic keratosis participant

“The entire staff is professional, friendly, supportive, and genuinely care for you through the entire process. By their actions, they all turn what could be a potentially unsettling ordeal into a relaxed and comfortable process.”
– Actinic keratosis participant

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this study. All the instructions pertaining to the study were clear and detailed. The staff was welcoming and professional. The appointments were easy to schedule and I was seen promptly upon arrival. The facility was clean and comfortable.”
– Participant

“Kelsey, Dr. DuBois, and the rest of the staff were kind, considerate, and informative, as always.”
– Participant