Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions we receive from new study participants. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please email us or call us at (512) 349-0500. We hope to see you soon!

Clinical Research Study General Questions

Are clinical studies safe?

Every year, over 500,000 research studies take place all over the world. While each study carries risks, during your screening visit you will meet our doctors, and your study coordinator will let you know all the details of the study, including risks so that you can make an informed choice. Learn more about clinical studies at

Why should I participate?

Some of the most common reasons our enrollees tell us that they are participating are wanting to help find treatments for their skin condition, earning extra money, and wanting to help themselves and others. We understand that it takes time out of your life to participate in our research studies, so we pay all of our participants for time and travel.

Can my child participate?

Yes, we have many studies for skin conditions that are geared for children under the age of 18. All of our studies list the age range for participants and any other factors to qualify for that particular study at the top of the page. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Tip: Manage your dependents’ study applications and preferences through

Are your studies overseen by doctors?

All DermResearch studies are overseen by a board-certified dermatologist. Each participant will have a dedicated study coordinator and will be seen by our doctors at each clinic visit. Read more about our team.

What kinds of research studies do you conduct?

DermResearch focuses on skin studies, so we research treatments for everything from acne to rosacea to eczema to toenail fungus, psoriasis, and cellulite. We also conduct clinical trials for people with healthy skin. We also focus on research studies for migraines, allergies, women’s health, and hair loss. View our currently enrolling studies.

Do all studies require blood draws?

We understand that not everyone likes to get poked and prodded! Luckily, not all of our studies require blood draws. After you register to participate, our staff will call you for an initial phone screen. During this call, they will let you know whether that study requires blood draws so that you can make an informed decision about participating.

Do I have to stay overnight?

While many of our clinical trials are entirely outpatient, about 30% of our studies require some overnight stays. We aim to make staying overnight as comfortable and fun as possible, so we offer spacious rooms, a T.V. lounge, video and board games, movies, and yummy food.

Do I have to pay to participate?

Nope, your participation will not cost you anything. In fact, quite the opposite: we will actually pay you to participate in our studies. You can find our enrolling studies and what they pay, on our current studies page.

Why do you pay people to participate?

Our participants spend time driving back and forth to our clinic and take time out of their busy lives to help us find treatments. It’s important for us to recognize and reimburse you for your time. When you help us move medicine forward, you’ll earn some cash in return!

How can I find out about new studies?

You can always look at our website to find currently enrolling studies. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to find out when new research studies begin recruiting. Go a step further and tell us which skin conditions and types of studies you are most interested in and we’ll make sure to send you targeted study announcements. You can choose to get your notifications via email and/or SMS. Subscribe and edit your preferences here! You can also create a profile on Through our portal, you can manage your preferences and see only the enrolling studies that match your criteria.

Do all of your studies require drug tests?

No, not all of our studies require drug tests. During your initial phone screen, our staff will go over the study requirements, including any drug testing, so you can make an informed decision.

Registration and Screening Process

How do I register for studies?

To view our enrolling studies, go to our current studies page. If you see a study that interests you, click into the study details and fill out the form on the page. You can also create a profile on and see only the studies that match your preferences. The great thing about having a profile is that you can quick-apply through the portal and speed up the screening process!

Do I need to provide ID? What forms of ID do you check?

We only check ID for verification of identity and we accept many forms of ID: driver’s license, student ID, state ID, or passport.

Do I need health insurance to participate in a study?

You do not need health insurance to participate. Even better? You’ll see a board-certified dermatologist during each clinic visit. Get paid while getting treatment!

What happens after I register?

After you register for a study, our staff will call you for an initial screening. We aim to call you within a few days of your registration, but it can vary based on the volume of registrations. The screening call is followed by an in-person interview if you pre-qualify for the study. During your in-person interview, the study coordinator will let you know all the study details, risks, and information you need to make an informed choice. You’ll sign the consent form, and they will let you know the date and time of your first clinic visit. Learn more about how our research studies work.

How do I know if my condition is severe enough to qualify for a study?

A recruiting staff member will speak with you to determine your eligibility for the study. DermResearch’s GetInAStudy Pinterest page is also a good resource to view moderate and severe types of a variety of different skin conditions.

What can I expect on my screening call?

During this short phone call, our staff will determine if your condition matches the basic criteria we are looking for. We’ll also go over the details of the study and answer any questions you might have. Based on the phone conversation, our recruiting staff will schedule a visit with a board-certified dermatologist.

What happens if I don’t qualify? Am I eligible for other studies?

If you do not qualify for this particular study, we will contact you for future studies for the same condition. We also recommend that you subscribe to our newsletters and study announcements by email or SMS. We’ll keep you in the loop about any upcoming studies that you may be a great candidate for. Subscribe and edit your preferences here! You can also create a profile and update your preferences on our new portal, It’s available for everyone, even if you haven’t participated in a study yet.

During My Study

What should I bring with me on the first day of my study?

Bring one form of identification, such as a license, student ID, or passport.

What should I bring with me on an overnight visit?

Bring anything that will keep you comfortable or entertained. There will be plenty of downtime for reading, watching T.V., playing video games, and anything else you love to do!

What are the accommodations for overnight study participants?

As an overnight participant, you’ll get free meals, snacks, and beverages. Our overnight accommodations include clean, comfy beds, a T.V., Pac Man, Xbox, free WiFi, and bathroom facilities with showers. Our staff aims to make your time here as enjoyable as possible. View pictures of our facilities.

Can I bring my cell phone?

Of course. We wouldn’t dare separate you from your phone!

How long are clinic visits?

This depends on which study you choose. Most of our studies have visits that last an hour or less, but some studies require overnight stays.

Who should I contact if I have questions during my study?

Please call or email your study coordinator or the front desk and we will make sure your questions are answered. Email or call us at (512) 349-0500. If you have a profile on, you can email your study coordinator directly from the portal. Create your profile at to view your upcoming clinic appointments, track your earnings, and much more.

What happens to my information during, and after, my study?

DermResearch takes your privacy seriously. We follow all HIPAA requirements and keep your personal and medical information confidential. Additionally, we do not retain your records after you complete a study. Read our online privacy policy.

After My Study, What Happens Next?

When will I get paid for my participation?

Most of our studies are paid by check at the end of the study on your last clinic visit.

Can I participate in more than one study?

Yes, but participants can only enroll in one study at a time. Once your study is complete, you are eligible to enroll and participate in additional studies.

How do I give you feedback about my study experience?

There are two ways to fill out a post-study survey. When you check in for your last clinic visit, feel free to complete the online survey on one of our tablets in the reception area. Otherwise, you’ll receive a follow-up email once you complete your study, and we include a link to the post-study survey. You can always email or call us at (512) 349-0500. Our staff takes your feedback very seriously.

Study Bonus Referral Program

Is there a limit to how much I can earn in the program?

There is no limit to the number of bonuses you can earn for referring your friends and family. If your friend or family qualifies for and participates in the study, you receive your bonus check. Find out more about our referral program.

Do I have to be a study participant in order to earn a referral bonus?

No. Our referral program is open to anyone! Find out more. In fact, you can sign up for a personal referral link on our new portal, Like our bonus program, is open to everyone, whether you’ve been a participant in a study or not.

How do I refer someone for a research study?

There are many ways to refer friends and family: verbally, over email, forwarding the study web page, or through our official referral form. Find out more about our referral bonus program. You can also sign up for a profile on to get your very own personal referral link to share.

How will you know I referred someone?

Upon arrival, the person you referred will fill out a referral sheet with your name, phone number, email, and address. Find out more. If you referred someone with your personal referral link via, our new participant portal, you can track your referral on your dashboard. Go to to create your profile or view your dashboard.

How long does it take to get my bonus?

You will receive your referral bonus when the person you referred completes the study, assuming that person attends all clinic visits. Bonus awards are paid by check in the mail, within two weeks of your referral completing their study. Find out more.

What qualifies as a referral for the bonus program?

Anyone who has not been to our clinic before. The person you referred must qualify for and complete a study. Find out more.

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“DermResearch operates its studies efficiently and comfortably for the patient/participant. I like the stress-free environment, courteous and friendly professionals who greet you, draw blood, run labs, administer study trial treatments, perform exams, and conduct follow-up appointments.”

– Actinic keratosis participant

“I felt the team was flexible and accommodating regarding both COVID and schedule restrictions. I was well cared for. I was kept well informed about what to expect.”
– Actinic keratosis participant

“The staff at Derm Research are the best. All of them. Just want to give special recognition to the young lady giving the blood draws, she is fantastic. Would love to participate again.”
– Actinic keratosis participant

“The entire staff is professional, friendly, supportive, and genuinely care for you through the entire process. By their actions, they all turn what could be a potentially unsettling ordeal into a relaxed and comfortable process.”
– Actinic keratosis participant

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this study. All the instructions pertaining to the study were clear and detailed. The staff was welcoming and professional. The appointments were easy to schedule and I was seen promptly upon arrival. The facility was clean and comfortable.”
– Participant