How Clinical Studies Work

The DermResearch team is dedicated to making every step of the journey, from your initial application through study completion, as smooth and enjoyable as possible. During your study, you will see a board-certified dermatologist, and you are not required to have health insurance to participate. Here’s what to expect when you join a study at DermResearch.

What is the Screening Process?

How_Do_I_Get_StartedAfter you register online, we will invite you to complete the phone and in-person screening process. Screening begins with a brief phone conversation with one of our staff members and ends with a visit to our office. During your screening visit, you will get a chance to see our doctor, learn if you qualify, read the consent form, and understand the study details, risks, and time commitment. You will also meet your study coordinator and get a chance to ask questions. If you do not qualify for the current study, you may be eligible for others, including healthy skin studies. Ready to get started? View our enrolling studies.

What Can I Expect Once I’m in a Study?

What_Can_I_ExpectWhen you participate in a research study, you help our doctors collect data that takes a new medication from early testing to FDA approval. What can you expect? Every study is different. Some studies have daily visits, some have weekly or monthly visits, some studies include overnight stays, and some visits include a number of procedures. These procedures can include drawing blood, ECGs, checking vital signs, and photographs, providing our doctors with data used to determine the safety and efficacy of the treatment.

What Else Should I Know?

What_Else_Should_I_KnowWe pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring our participants’ comfort and peace of mind. The DermResearch team cares for hundreds of participants in more than 50 clinical trials each year. To read more about how clinical trials work, and their efficacy and safety, please read the extensive information made available by the National Institutes of Health.

Even if you do not qualify for a current study, you can still earn money by participating in our referral bonus program. Find out how to receive $250 for each referred participant!

Have questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to us.

Our Facilities

At DermResearch we strive to create a comfortable environment for our study participants. Plenty of space, quiet rooms, a host of streaming tv options, Ms. Pac Man, wifi, and catered food from terrific local restaurants are what you can expect when becoming a part of the research process at DermResearch.

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“The staff at DermResearch are amazing. They are kind, generous, and I was blown away with the entire process. Jeremiah, in particular, was wonderful with my daughter and patient with us. Such a great group of people!”
– Parent of participant

“Great communication and friendly staff! Very understanding of my medical condition and walked me through each step of the process for this study.”
– Participant

“Very impressed with the professional team at DermResearch. (I have 30-years of management consulting experience.) Organized, efficient, managed problems, teamwork, pleasant, and enjoyable experience!”
– Participant

“Great staff! Super easy process.”
– Participant

“Participating in the study redefined my relationship with my acne: for once, having it made my life better, not worse”
– 24-year-old acne participant