Study Referral Bonus Program

Help Us Get the Word Out & Earn $250

Know someone who might be interested in participating in a study? You could receive a $250 referral bonus! Many of our past participants have heard of DermResearch from a friend or loved one, and we depend on people like you to help us spread the word. The great thing about our referral program is that you do not need to have been a past study participant to earn a bonus. The program is open to anyone; it is our way of saying, thank you!

How Do I Refer Someone?

It’s easy to refer your friends and family! You can let someone know about us by word of mouth, or you can click ‘Forward to a Friend’ from our emails to send a personalized message. Finally, you can refer us via the form below. Ask your friend to mention your name during their phone or in-person screening.

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What Happens Next?

DermResearch Study Referral Bonus Program

Rules and Other Information

In the screening interview, they must mention your name and contact information for us to follow-up.

You will only get a referral bonus for the participant if they are new to DermResearch and have never done a study with us before.

Everyone is eligible to get referral rewards/bonuses, whether you are a current or past participant, or have never been part of our studies.

You can earn an unlimited number of referral bonuses!


Have questions about our referral program? Contact our team.


Become a Campus Ambassador

DermResearch Campus Ambassador ProgramAre you a student interested in earning extra cash?

Send us a short email letting us know you’re interested, and we’ll get back to you with details about our campus ambassador program.

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“The staff at DermResearch are amazing. They are kind, generous, and I was blown away with the entire process. Jeremiah, in particular, was wonderful with my daughter and patient with us. Such a great group of people!”
– Parent of participant

“Great communication and friendly staff! Very understanding of my medical condition and walked me through each step of the process for this study.”
– Participant

“Very impressed with the professional team at DermResearch. (I have 30-years of management consulting experience.) Organized, efficient, managed problems, teamwork, pleasant, and enjoyable experience!”
– Participant

“Great staff! Super easy process.”
– Participant

“Participating in the study redefined my relationship with my acne: for once, having it made my life better, not worse”
– 24-year-old acne participant