Did you have a good experience while participating in one of our studies? Do you know someone else who could benefit from participating in a paid clinical trial? If you’ve been putting off getting together with a friend, now is a good time to schedule that meeting and let them know about DermResearch. And the coffee is on us! With our new Study Referral Bonus Program, you refer a friend and we give you extra dollars–250 of them, to be exact. The best part is, you do not need to have participated in a study with us.

Let’s face it (dermatology pun intended!), most of us get recommendations from friends and family every day. We want to make those word-of-mouth referrals worth your while. Learn how participating in a research study benefits you and others.

All of our clinical trials are paid, typically earning participants anywhere from $300-$1,500. Now you can earn an additional $250 when you refer a friend. That’s nearly 100 cups of coffee!

Ready to Refer a Friend?

Here’s where you can get all the info about our Study Referral Bonus Program. Let your friend know that they can inquire about their eligibility by calling DermResearch at 512-349-0500 or by viewing our current studies.

About Us

DermResearch is a leading dermatology research center in the United States, specializing in paid research studies helping to find treatments for a variety of skill conditions. The doctors at DermResearch have a broad range of medical expertise including dermatology, neurology, internal medicine, and gynecology. Their combined decades of experience in both private practice and clinical research provide our participants with first-class care and peace of mind. To find out more, visit our About page.


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